Hi My Name Is Susan and I’m a Recovered Alcoholic…

Well, actually I could expand that to say I’m a recovered alcoholic, drug addict, shopping addict, money addict, man addict and binge eater, but that would take too long so I’ll keep it short and to the point. For me, addiction is very simple- If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit the substance entirely, or, if when drinking or using, you have little control of the amount you take, you are probably an alcoholic or an addict 1.

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The Public Health Epidemic Not in the News: Sleep

I remember growing up, my farmer grandparents would go to bed before 9 and wake before the sun. They had earned it, working hard all day, but also resting in the afternoon when the Florida heat was too much to tend to the fields and animals. They, like most farmers, had a great understanding of what their bodies needed: rest and sleep to maintain a hard physical lifestyle. Now we stay glued to electronic devices and computers all day, do very little physical work that isn’t outside of a gym, and we don’t slow down for restful afternoon times that reset our clocks. We do mental work all day then do more work when we get home and stay up late for entertainment like television or social media. Burning the midnight oil has become a standard American attitude. But where it’s led is to a public health epidemic of insufficient sleep. Continue reading The Public Health Epidemic Not in the News: Sleep

Podcast Episode 1: Sugar

Welcome to the Evolved Recovery podcast!

In this episode Susan and Kendall briefly share their experience in recovery. We discuss the perils of sugar addiction and its affect on one’s personal recovery from alcohol, drugs, food, and other addictions.

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