Podcast Episode 9: Dr. Paul Ralston, Chiropractor and Ancestral Health Researcher

This week we interview Dr. Paul Ralston who has been a chiropractor for over ten years and enjoys researching ancestral health. He has vast experience dealing with patients in recovery suffering from chronic pain. We talk about the chronic pain we’ve experienced ourselves and what our action has been to recover from it. Kendall discusses her current back surgery struggles and Susan talks about her year of chronic back pain. We also discuss the importance of a health and an anti-inflammatory diet to dealing with pain. We also talk about the best exercise for you.

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Finding Your Higher Power

Without guidance, I started seeking spiritual enlightenment at a very early age. As a first grader, each Sunday, I made my dad drop me off at the neighborhood church. There was no talk of religion in my house, so I don’t know where the desire to go to church came from. The only thing I can guess is I had friends who told me there were donuts there. Donuts are very spiritual to a six-year old. I loved everything about church. We sang and we ate the donuts (that’s probably where my sugar addiction started!) I liked the community, and I really liked vacation bible school because we ate “biblical food” like cheese and figs. It always comes back to food for me. I also liked making ashtrays for my dad.

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Podcast Episode 8: The Likely Cause of Addiction Has NOT Been Discovered

A recent article featured on Huffington Post has been making it’s way around social media. “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think” caused a stir for us and others in recovery. In this episode we discuss why we think the author has it all wrong.

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Video: Easy Bodyweight Exercises

After our recent podcast on Fitness Basics, we received a ton of requests for tips on how to do the bodyweight exercises. Luckily for you all, when Kendall was out in California for our epic work trip, we made this exercise video in Susan’s home gym. Continue reading Video: Easy Bodyweight Exercises

Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!

When we first get sober, exercise is usually the furthest thing from our mind. We just want to avoid picking up that next drink or drug. As addicts and alcoholics, we tend to overcomplicate things or see things as only black and white. Yes, really! After some time sober, we start to think, “Ugh…I need to start exercising!” In our heads, we procrastinate thinking we need a lot of money for a gym membership or equipment to get started. We picture a big box gym like 24-hour Fitness with rows and rows of cardio machines, big burly men pumping iron and machines that we can’t imagine how to use. We think we need to huff and puff, sweating profusely to make any different in our health or fitness level. We just don’t know where to start! So instead, we do nothing. And the exercise thing gets bigger and bigger in our head… Continue reading Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!

Podcast Episode 7: Fitness Basics

Healthy movement is one of the keys to healthy living. This week we break down simple steps to get you started. Be sure to check out our easy video tutorial Easy Bodyweight Exercises.

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Video: How to Manage Your Stress Response

We have a new video for you today! Are you stressed out? Managing stress properly can help you get sober, enhance the quality of your sobriety, prevent relapse, improve your health, prevent chronic disease and help you feel happier. Sounds great, right?

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Stress Addiction

For many years I lived in a mindset that the more stress I was under, the more powerful I was. By telling people how busy I was, I felt important. With a stress addicted life comes many negative behaviors. Being overly stressed meant I self-medicated more. For a long time that self-medication was alcohol. The only positive thing that came out of being a stress addict for me was eventual sobriety and finally learning mindfulness. Once the pain was no longer worth the power I thought I was getting out of being “busy,” I found solutions to living a more peaceful, balanced life.

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Podcast Episode 6: Allison Hudson Lush Life Blog

Today we welcome guest, Allison Hudson, a blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She started her blog, It’s a Lush Life, as part of a living amends to her younger brother, Will, who died in April 2012 from a drug overdose. Allison checked into a 28-day treatment facility six weeks after her brother passed away and has been sober since June 2012. She writes honest and openly about her struggles with alcoholism, her life in recovery, dealing with the untimely death of her brother and finding faith through it all. Today, Allison considers herself grateful to be an alcoholic and hopes to spread awareness, evoke compassion, and inspire those still struggling and suffering from alcoholism/addiction.

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Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Food…a New Video

We made a video for you!! In this episode, we discuss one of the most important relationships you will ever have…your relationship with food. As addicts and alcoholics, we tend to use food to self-medicate and over complicate things. Learn strategies to prevent this and improve your relationship with food.

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