Are You Sober If You Take Mental Health Drugs?

I was sober for three years when I got pregnant the first time. I was also on mental health medications that I didn’t feel safe taking during pregnancy so I weaned off of them. They had never worked well anyway because I was wrongly diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Instead of seeking out better help and finding the right medications and right diagnosis, I demonized mental health medication and vowed never to use it again. I ended up letting go of my sobriety a year later and white knuckling through the ups and downs of my diseases (mental health and addiction) for the next decade.

I spent years trying every natural concoction for mental health. Juicing, smoothies, supplements, yoga, herbs, and some wild berry from some rain forest that claimed to be the cure all. There was no end to the lengths I would go to feel sane as long as it was “natural.” Every time I hoped the next thing would be the thing that would fix me, but it never did. I just ended up having severe mood swings.

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Podcast Episode 13: Darryl Edwards The Fitness Explorer

Darryl Edwards (The Fitness Explorer) is the creator of the PRIMAL PLAY training system, and world-renowned as an expert, teacher and lecturer on the Paleo lifestyle.  He’s a certified personal trainer and Paleo nutritionist holding a diverse range of certifications. Darryl combines his many influences from martial arts, parkour and dance to teach groups, conduct one-to-one training and virtual training sessions that focus on strength/conditioning, bodyweight exercises, Paleo nutrition and Play.  He lives in London, England.
On this week’s show, we talk about how giving up the things that don’t serve us in health really isn’t about giving anything up at all. It’s actually about gaining so much more. Darryl gives us lots of tips of how we can work play into our lives to create a more childlike, stress-free existence.

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The Best and the Worst Recovery Advice

My sobriety birthday, or anniversary, is coming up next month. This time of year I tend to become introspective about the passing years and take some time to remember where I was 16 years ago and all the trials and tribulations I’ve overcome in achieving sobriety. I’ll share some of these thoughts with you over the coming weeks. I can’t believe almost 16 years have passed since I took my last drink of Hot Damn 100 Cinnamon Schnapps in the parking lot of a Home Depot and did my last hit of crystal meth in a lonely motel room. In hindsight, if I had a choice, I probably would have picked a better last drink than that!

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Podcast Episode 12: Q & A

Susan and Kendall answer your questions in this week’s episode of Evolved Recovery.

We welcome your questions and topics by email at Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, download the MP3, or use the player featured below.

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The Price of Parenting and Addiction

In any addict’s life there is a time when the addiction is so consuming that they have to make a decision to either let go of the addiction or risk losing what is precious to them. For parents in addiction, we risk losing our children. Perhaps it’s losing them physically because they are taken away or we let them go because we are incapable of caring for them. Although we may not lose them physically, living with our addiction damages our emotional relationship with them. As a mother of four daughters I can attest to the latter.

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Podcast Episode 11: James Gregory, Ideas For Happiness

This week we’re talking with James Gregory, known in the Ancestral Health world for his recipe sharing site James works as a Japanese interpreter and is an entrepreneur. After living a fast-paced, drug and alcohol addicted life for a time in Japan, he moved back to the states and got sober. In this episode James tells his story of recovery and discusses his path of sobriety. Read more about his “Ideas For Happiness”

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Are You a Sugar Addict?

I was.

I’ve been sugar’s slave.

Sugar addiction is the only way to attempt to describe my illogical, compulsive, insane, co-dependency with sugar and sweet foods.

I have always had a gaping, inborn weakness for high-carb foods, particularly sugar, sweets, and dessert. These foods used to draw me like a supermagnet. Just a little bite of sugar/sweet food sparked a glorious transformation: it perked my mood, told me the sweet bliss never, ever had to end. Except that it always did end (and too soon).

Which is when Sugar Bot — the frighteningly deformed, insane sugar addiction inside me — always stepped up.

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Podcast Episode 10: Heavy Drinkers Versus Alcoholics

We’re back with episode 10 this week discussing an article in the news that sent out a survey to study whether heavy drinkers are alcoholics.

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Susan’s article: Tips on Coping With Disappointment

Most Problem Drinkers Are Not Alcoholics. What Does This Mean for Treatment?


We welcome your questions and topics by email at Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, download the MP3, or use the player featured below.

Tips on Coping with Disappointment

No matter how far along you are in your sobriety, sometimes something seemingly inconsequential hits you like a ton of bricks – bringing back all that self-doubt you thought you’d left behind. Wham!

Recently, that happened to me and it brought up an important topic and feeling that a lot of us addicts and alcoholics have – the feeling that we don’t belong. For me, it started at a really young age; I remember feeling that I wasn’t part of the popular crowd in first grade. LOL, is there really a popular “crowd” in first grade?

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