Mindfulness for Beginners: 4 Simple Steps to a Happy Life

Welcome to podcast episode 39 (listen here), offering 4 easy to implement solutions to finding peace and understanding mindfulness!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to “go with the flow” while perhaps you struggle to find peace? Maybe you’ve tried meditation, but found yourself distracted and turned off from the experience. You’re not alone!

Modern society hardly teaches us how to slow down. Everywhere we look, we see the go, go, go message. The more we do, the more we obtain the “busy” status symbol. Recovering alcoholics and addicts benefit greatly from practicing mindfulness. With mindfulness you can beat addiction, bust sugar cravings and obtain long-lasting, optimal health.

Spending thousands of dollars on gurus or moving to an ashram to learn mindfulness isn’t necessary. Follow these 4 simple steps to create your happy life today!

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From the Bottle to 26.2: Why Recovering Alcoholics Are Becoming Marathon Addicts

Every year in the fall and spring many half and full marathon races take place in my city, forcing major roads to close down to one lane. Orange cones line the streets, while police officers man corners to prevent cars from potentially driving into runners. Tents with speakers and music blaring surround several mile markers with the intention of keeping the runners momentum going towards that coveted finish line.

Before we go any further, let me express my love and adoration to my friends and all of those recovering out there who have returned from the depths of hell to become law-abiding and contributing members of society and most of all cross finish lines they never thought possible in their darkest days of addiction. I am proud of the accomplishments you have made to better your lives and your health.

Having said that, I believe the current message in the recovery world of trading “bad” addictions for “good” ones, may not be supporting us in our quest to find long-lasting, optimal health in long-term recovery. Hopefully, I will offer some insight to those who have found solace after they put down the bottle or substances and traded the demons for that sought after, endorphin release affectionately known as the “Runner’s High”.

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Podcast Episode 38: Tera Bucasas, Yoga For Healing

It’s our first podcast since we got home from Washington, DC for the UNITE to Face Addiction event. We give a brief recap before we chat with our awesome guest today!


Our t-shirts were a huge hit at UNITE to Face Addiction and lots of people asked where they could purchase them. Here you go:

recovery wear

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4 Sugar Busting Tips

Welcome to podcast episode 37 (Listen Here) where we offer 4 simple and easy to implement Sugar Busting Tips.

Sugar Addiction is the number 1 reason we created Evolved Recovery.

As nutrition coaches, we heard time and time again from other recovering alcoholics and addicts that sugar had become the ultimate replacement. Some people we talked to were only suffering minor setbacks due to their sugar intake, but others were severely affected by diabetes, cancer, chronic illness, and more.

First we took a look at our own sugar indiscretions in the past and saw what was working in our lives currently. Then we worked with clients in recovery to implement our tools. The following tips are what we have found to be the ultimate long-lasting key to busting sugar addiction.

If you follow these 4 Sugar Busting Tips, you will be rewarded with feeling amazing and finally stepping off of the sugar addiction roller coaster….

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