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6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery Has Arrived

This week is the culmination of 9 months of painstaking, hard work and dedication between two alcoholics who came together to share their passion of health and wellness to other recovering alcoholics and addicts. As we launch 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery, Kendall shares the story of her journey to holistic sobriety, which eventually led to becoming a co-creator of this program we are so excited to share with you.  

I first met Susan at an Ancestral Health conference just a couple of months before I quit drinking. When I finally made a decision that things had to change for me, I called her and she helped me so much through those early days of recovery with her many years of sobriety. Then as life happens, we would lose touch at times caught up in our busyness. In a really weird universal way, Susan and I ended up in a 3-hour conversation one Saturday night late in December after a long time of not talking. I was closing in on 7 months of sobriety and had a lot to say about what I was experiencing in recovery.

When I started working with clients who were recovering versus my clients who weren’t in recovery, I realized there was a stark contrast in their outcomes. Susan had actually been working with recovering people in her community for a long time and had a lot of experience in the matter. She was seeing all the same issues. We realized that our voice was needed in the addiction world and that night, Evolved Recovery was born. We launched our website and podcast on New Year’s Day. These last few months we’ve poured everything into making this course available for recovering alcoholics and addicts just like us.

We have been working in the trenches with others in recovery. That’s why this program is so different than other health and wellness approaches. Alcoholic and addict brains don’t work like the general population. Especially when so many of us suffer from mental illness. We believe people shouldn’t suffer needlessly. Susan and I both recognized the impact that being nutrition coaches had on our personal recovery and knew we had a message to help others stop their health from suffering.

The first time I got sober was nearly 18 years ago. I was very young and addicted to drugs. I stayed clean for four years before deciding I could “drink like normal people.” I know exactly first hand what it’s like to trade out addictions. It was no problem getting off of drugs because sugar, caffeine, and fast food were right there to fill the gaps. I don’t blame that on my relapse at 25 years old, but it sure as heck didn’t help my brain work through the process of recovery. This time when I got sober and the alcohol was gone, my brain was ready! Those neural pathways were ready for healing because other things weren’t blocking the way. I was light years ahead of where I’d ever been in recovery the first time and I finally “got it!”

A word about the different paths to recovery. We have no stake in what programs or methods you use to stay sober. 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery compliments any addiction treatment program to incorporate principles of holistic living into sobriety. That’s one more thing that sets us apart. THIS IS AN INCLUSIVE PROGRAM. We welcome everyone and we never share opinions about methods of recovery that differ from our own. There are many paths and we want everyone to find their own.

We are not a program of SOBRIETY. We are a program of HEALTH for those recovering from alcohol and addiction to support your path of sobreity. When we designed this course we did it with the sole purpose of working with the addict brain. We understand how we alcoholics and addicts makes decisions, so we developed a way to support YOU through this big lifestyle change. We offer a NO SHAME GUARANTEE!!

We hope that 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery can begin to shift the health paradigm in recovery. We hope to help you find long-lasting, optimal health.

Good luck on this journey. We’re here for you…



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