Episode 50: Summer Is Coming

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Summer is right around the corner!

Do you want to feel and look your best? Tired of losing and gaining the same weight over and over again? Are you interested in learning what foods can take your recovery to the next level and help you look great all at the same time?

We thought you might so we’ve put the Silver Package of our signature online course – 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery – on sale just in time to complete it before summer begins. Right now we’re offering the entire course for $57 which is over 50% off the regular price of $127!

6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery is not a program of SOBRIETY. It is a program of HEALTH for those recovering from alcohol and addiction to support your path to a happy and healthy body. When we designed this course, we did it with the sole purpose of working with the addict brain. We understand how we alcoholics and addicts makes decisions, so we developed a way to support YOU through this big lifestyle change. We offer a NO SHAME GUARANTEE!!

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Episode 49: Traver Boehm, Year To Live Project

What would you do with a year to live?

Traver Boehm founded the Year To Live Project and is also an author, speaker, and transformational coach. Traver’s story of sobriety, travel, working with hospice, encouraging awesomeness, leaving his businesses, and finding himself will inspire you in this week’s episode of Evolved Recovery.

An excerpt from Traver’s website:

2015 was a challenging year for me to say the least. We hang our hats on only a few pillars of identity – be it our jobs, our relationships, our connection to church, or our family. Take one of those away and we can be left wondering who we are and what we’re here for. Believe me, I know.

When my wife left unexpectedly, I was crushed. When the harsh reality became clear a few days later that my business situation would also be transitioning, I was left with what can only be called a colossal crisis of identity. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that soon after there was a day –  a moment to be clearer – THE moment when I looked at the twelve pack in my fridge and the loaded pistol in my drawer and knew that one could lead to an irreversible decision that I really didn’t want to make with the other. There were two distinct choices – go dark, or go light. Both required going all in.

In I went. All in.

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Episode 48: Food Allergies and Intolerances

This week we’re breaking down the differences and symptoms of allergies and intolerances related to food. The first step to eating for recovery is to know what foods are unhealthy for your system.

In this episode…

  • Learn the difference between symptoms of allergies and intolerances.
  • How to get tested for allergies.
  • Find out how to do an elimination diet.
  • Autoimmunity and allergies/intolerances
  • Get started on an allergy/intolerance free diet for recovery with OUR PROGRAM!

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Episode 47: Depression, A Disease of Civilization


While clinical depression is real, it may be more rare than you think. What if it could be lessoned? What if it could be a mere memory in your life?

This week (listen here) we discuss an article titled “Depression is A Disease of Civilization: Hunter-Gatherers Hold the Key to the Cure” from Back to Now which reviews the book, “The Depression Cure.

Depression, The Epidemic

Why are we the Prozac nation?

Stats from Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance:

  • Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7% of the U.S. population age 18 or older, in a given year.
  • 25% of cancer patients experience it. (National Institute of Mental Health, 2002)
  • Strokes: 10-27% of post-stroke patients experience it. (National Institute of Mental Health, 2002)
  • Heart attacks: 1 in 3 heart attack survivors experience it. (National Institute of Mental Health, 2002)
  • Women experience it at twice the rate of men. This 2:1 ratio exists regardless of racial or ethnic background or economic status. The lifetime prevalence of major depression is 20-26% for women and 8-12% for men. (Journal of the American Medical Association, 1996)
  • Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44. (World Health Organization, 2004)
  • It is the cause of over two-thirds of the 30,000 reported suicides in the U.S. each year. (White House Conference on Mental Health, 1999)

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Episode 46: Reward Deficiency Part 2

In Reward Deficiency Part 1 last week, we talked about the real cause of addiction: Reward Deficiency Syndrome. This week we’re moving onto Part 2 and discussing how to break the cycle of trading addictions.

A popular belief in recovery is the acceptance of replacing alcohol and drug addiction with food and exercise addiction. Learning healthy coping skills is the way to break that roller coaster cycle of trading addictions.

Reward Deficiency – Part 2

But what are healthy coping mechanisms?? There is a huge difference between coping mechanisms and self-care. Food, sex, and exercise should never be used as “coping skills.” In this episode we break it down and we explain the difference between self-care versus self-destruction.

Ancestrally we are designed to eat, move, and procreate. So how did we turn that into the destructive addictive lives we have now as a culture? In this evolutionary mismatched life we live, becoming the most simple human versions of ourselves will lead to peace.

reward deficiency


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Episode 45: Reward Deficiency Part 1

We’re back with a new episode of the Evolved Recovery show discussing reward deficiency! (Listen here)

We’ve created a two-part podcast series with some of the points made in our recent presentation on reward deficiency at the Nutritional Therapy Conference.

In this first part, we discuss what the relationship between addicts and dopamine resistance is. We also explain why reward deficiency should matter to your recovery.


reward deficiency

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Episode 44: Sleep Expert Dr. Mark Burhenne

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Today’s show is all about SLEEP! (Listen here) One of our favorite topics at Evolved Recovery. We are thrilled to be interviewing, Dr. Mark Burhenne, dentist, sleep expert, and the author of the 8-Hour Sleep Paradox available here.

First, a couple of announcements! Portland, Oregon, we will be in your city for the Nutritional Therapy Association’s 9th Annual Conference March 18-20. If you’d like to have us speak to your recovery organization during our visit, please contact us here! If you’re interested in the conference and learning a huge amount about nutrition and health, we will be speaking Friday afternoon, and all details are at nutritionaltherapyconference.com.

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Episode 43: Avoid the New Year Diet Fail

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Welcome back to the Evolved Recovery Show with Susan and Kendall discussing the best way to avoid diet failure! New Year diet attempts are already being tossed aside and it’s not even February. It’s no wonder when those diets are not set up to be successful. Oprah is selling Weight Watchers and Kirstie Alley is selling Jenny Craig. These women are chronic yo-yo dieters so why would anyone follow their sales spiels?! How many times have either of them gone on TV to say they’ve lost all the weight only to gain it back within years?

In this episode we talk about how YOU can avoid the sales pitch and find a diet and lifestyle that is not only optimal but also sustainable!!

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Podcast Episode 42: Mark Rogers, Simply Human Lifestyle

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We’re back with a new podcast episode! After a break for the holidays and much needed family time, we are returning to our weekly Evolved Recovery Show schedule.

We are also excited to share that we are now offering PERSONAL COACHING for our online 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery course. Education and Accountability! What more could you need to start this journey to long-lasting, optimal health?? Make 2016 your year to thrive!! We’ve got your solution. All you need to bring is the willingness to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

There are three choices to choose from to start your path to holistic sobriety! Option 1 is the original 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery online course. Option 2 includes the online course in addition to a 30 minute coaching call each of the 6 weeks and food journals to track your habits. Our premium option is the online course, the 30 minute coaching calls each week with the food journals. In addition, we’ll provide a 90 minute initial consultation to dig really deep into your current health. You’ll also have the option to take a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. We’ll provide for you personalized recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplements.  Learn more at sobercourse.com!!

Now onto the podcast! One of our favorite friends from the Ancestral Health Community joins us today to talk about habits, willpower, and rewards. Mark Rogers is helping people discover how simple being a human really is. Eat like a human. Move like a human. Sleep like a human. Enjoy life…like a human. He blogs and podcasts at Simply Human Lifestyle. He recently wrote the Creating Human Habits series on EverdayPaleo.com. Make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

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Surviving the Holidays: How to be Happy and Fit In Your Clothes

Welcome to Podcast Episode 41 (listen here) on how to survive the holidays while being happy and not worrying about your waistline in the process!

Let’s not kid ourselves, the holidays aren’t the “happiest time of the year” for recovering alcoholics and addicts. It’s the time of year when most relapses occur and some of us slip into our deepest depressions. Whether it’s past trauma, being triggered by family, or just the general change in weather and light, it’s a tough time for so many in recovery. What if there’s a better way? One that doesn’t involve self-medicating or relapsing. As a bonus, what if you could get through the holidays without adding those extra holiday treat pounds?

We’ve found a better way to cope with the holidays and we’d like to share these tips with you in the hopes that your holidays turn out to be merry and joyful (and most of all sober!)

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