Podcast Episode 2: Sleep

Welcome back to the Evolved Recovery show. This week it’s all about the sleep. Are you feeling like a crazed insomniac or just feel like you never get enough sleep?! This episode is for you. We want to help anyone who isn’t sleeping enough figure out how to get some serious Zzzzz’s. Check out the show and please leave us a review on iTunes! We would be so grateful. Please send your questions and topics to info@evolvedrecovery.com Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, download the MP3, or use the player featured below.

Show Topics:

  • Our gratitude for this wild week!
  • First question “How do you avoid sugar? Isn’t it in everything?” -Matthew
  • The difference between processed and minimally processed food.
  • Second question “I have chronic insomnia and have tried everything! You suggest that sleep is so important to being sober. What do I do when sleep doesn’t happen?” -Kathryn via Facebook
  • Mania and sleep for bipolar disorder
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Sleep wake cycle
  • Caffeine influence

Products We Mention (Affiliate links):

Sleep Articles:

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  4. https://www.dansplan.com/blog/is-this-the-purpose-of-sleep/
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  6. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/sleepless-in-america/videos/sleepless-in-america1/
  7. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25264124

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