Podcast Episode 29: Lucy Hendricks, Breathing Expert

Breathing is the most important job a human will do in their life, except most of us are doing it wrong! Today we get some great tips from Lucy Hendricks, graduate of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy Personal Training program and a current Student Massage Therapist. She has her FMS certification and is also a certified Restorative Breathing Coach. For the last four years, she’s been an integral part of the GYM Laird Strength and Conditioning team.  You can also find Lucy at Darkside Strength.

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Show Notes:

Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health

GYM Laird on Facebook

Upcoming Events for Lucy:

Crossfit North Atlanta Cube Summit

JASSA Retreat

Products and Protocols:

Xlear Nasal Spray 3-4 times a day

Neti Stick As many times as you want

Breathe Right   Nasal Strips (Extra Strength Sensitive Skin)

Lucy’s two FAVORITE exercises: 



 Mindful Nasal Breathing: 

1) Tongue on roof of the mouth

2) Relaxed Jaw

3) Mouth shut

4) in for 3-4 seconds, out for 5-6 seconds

Goal is to feel hungry for air but with NO anxiety!


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