Podcast Episode 38: Tera Bucasas, Yoga For Healing

It’s our first podcast since we got home from Washington, DC for the UNITE to Face Addiction event. We give a brief recap before we chat with our awesome guest today!


Our t-shirts were a huge hit at UNITE to Face Addiction and lots of people asked where they could purchase them. Here you go:

recovery wear

This week we welcome a fellow nutrition coach who happens to also be a yogi! Tera Bucasas, who blogs at, has created a fabulous Yoga For Healing program that complements our 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery program very well!!

In this episode we talk about Tera’s healing journey and overcoming food and body issues. Start your journey of healing today with Yoga for Healing:

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Show Notes:

“When Healthy Habits Turn Unhealthy”

10% happier

The Happiness Project 

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