Podcast Episode 6: Allison Hudson Lush Life Blog

Today we welcome guest, Allison Hudson, a blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She started her blog, It’s a Lush Life, as part of a living amends to her younger brother, Will, who died in April 2012 from a drug overdose. Allison checked into a 28-day treatment facility six weeks after her brother passed away and has been sober since June 2012. She writes honest and openly about her struggles with alcoholism, her life in recovery, dealing with the untimely death of her brother and finding faith through it all. Today, Allison considers herself grateful to be an alcoholic and hopes to spread awareness, evoke compassion, and inspire those still struggling and suffering from alcoholism/addiction.

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Show Topics:

Dating in sobriety

Navigating friendships outside of recovery

Negative articles in the media about alcoholism/addiction

Will’s Place

Finding purpose, intention, structure, and gratitude


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It’s A Lush Life

Huffington Post

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