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One thought on “Review”

  1. Refreshing and Holistic Insights to Recovery and Total Health – Mind, Body, Soul!

    – GibbyPhD – June 18, 2015

    I found your podcast via an email from LLVLC – listed on my train commute home and hot to say you gals are talking the exact same things I’ve been talking about now for 2.5 yrs sober… trying to state a ‘holistic’ meeting at our local Alano Club sometime if enough interest can be gathered. I recently kicked the Sugar addiction with the help of Keto and smoking is down to 1-pack a week this past month… Would yo be offering any supporting materials to aid in my bringing a meeting format together – something MUCH better then ‘living sober’. Like a 12 after 12, taking care of the WHOLE self, evolved recovery as you say. :) Just excited I found yah, great show so far so good!

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