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Episode 46: Reward Deficiency Part 2

In Reward Deficiency Part 1 last week, we talked about the real cause of addiction: Reward Deficiency Syndrome. This week we’re moving onto Part 2 and discussing how to break the cycle of trading addictions.

A popular belief in recovery is the acceptance of replacing alcohol and drug addiction with food and exercise addiction. Learning healthy coping skills is the way to break that roller coaster cycle of trading addictions.

Reward Deficiency – Part 2

But what are healthy coping mechanisms?? There is a huge difference between coping mechanisms and self-care. Food, sex, and exercise should never be used as “coping skills.” In this episode we break it down and we explain the difference between self-care versus self-destruction.

Ancestrally we are designed to eat, move, and procreate. So how did we turn that into the destructive addictive lives we have now as a culture? In this evolutionary mismatched life we live, becoming the most simple human versions of ourselves will lead to peace.

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We believe in pleasure and we believe in very simple ways to be happy and healthy. We practice gratitude, living in the grey, love and service, using our skills, meditation and that’s just part of how we’ve found the peace and pleasure that we are passing onto you.

Are You Ready to Find Pleasure?

“You didn’t get sober to be sick, unhappy, or overweight!”

We created 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery to help alcoholics and addicts just like you break the cycle of reward deficiency.

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Show Topics

Healthy coping mechanisms

Why is self-care so important?

What is the difference between self-care and coping skills? (Hint: a lot!)

Is excessive running killing addicts?

How do we experience pleasure on a healthy and non-addicted level?

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