7 Things I’m Grateful for on My Birthday!

Yesterday I celebrated my (mumbles her age unintelligibly under her breath) birthday! My birthday and my sobriety anniversary are forever linked together in my mind as 16 years ago I knew in my heart of hearts that my drug and alcohol addiction neared the end, but I didn’t want to get sober because don’tcha know I needed to celebrate my birthday. Looking back, it still makes me laugh because it wasn’t even a big birthday, I turned 32 (now I know you just calculated my real age in your head). At the time, I couldn’t get my noggin around having a birthday sober so I partied like it was 1999 because…well, it was 1999! Continue reading 7 Things I’m Grateful for on My Birthday!

Tips on Coping with Disappointment

No matter how far along you are in your sobriety, sometimes something seemingly inconsequential hits you like a ton of bricks – bringing back all that self-doubt you thought you’d left behind. Wham!

Recently, that happened to me and it brought up an important topic and feeling that a lot of us addicts and alcoholics have – the feeling that we don’t belong. For me, it started at a really young age; I remember feeling that I wasn’t part of the popular crowd in first grade. LOL, is there really a popular “crowd” in first grade?

Continue reading Tips on Coping with Disappointment