Podcast Episode 10: Heavy Drinkers Versus Alcoholics

We’re back with episode 10 this week discussing an article in the news that sent out a survey to study whether heavy drinkers are alcoholics.

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Most Problem Drinkers Are Not Alcoholics. What Does This Mean for Treatment?


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Finding Your Higher Power

Without guidance, I started seeking spiritual enlightenment at a very early age. As a first grader, each Sunday, I made my dad drop me off at the neighborhood church. There was no talk of religion in my house, so I don’t know where the desire to go to church came from. The only thing I can guess is I had friends who told me there were donuts there. Donuts are very spiritual to a six-year old. I loved everything about church. We sang and we ate the donuts (that’s probably where my sugar addiction started!) I liked the community, and I really liked vacation bible school because we ate “biblical food” like cheese and figs. It always comes back to food for me. I also liked making ashtrays for my dad.

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Video: How to Manage Your Stress Response

We have a new video for you today! Are you stressed out? Managing stress properly can help you get sober, enhance the quality of your sobriety, prevent relapse, improve your health, prevent chronic disease and help you feel happier. Sounds great, right?

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