Podcast Episode 7: Fitness Basics

Healthy movement is one of the keys to healthy living. This week we break down simple steps to get you started. Be sure to check out our easy video tutorial Easy Bodyweight Exercises.

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Video: How to Manage Your Stress Response

We have a new video for you today! Are you stressed out? Managing stress properly can help you get sober, enhance the quality of your sobriety, prevent relapse, improve your health, prevent chronic disease and help you feel happier. Sounds great, right?

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Stress Addiction

For many years I lived in a mindset that the more stress I was under, the more powerful I was. By telling people how busy I was, I felt important. With a stress addicted life comes many negative behaviors. Being overly stressed meant I self-medicated more. For a long time that self-medication was alcohol. The only positive thing that came out of being a stress addict for me was eventual sobriety and finally learning mindfulness. Once the pain was no longer worth the power I thought I was getting out of being “busy,” I found solutions to living a more peaceful, balanced life.

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