Podcast Episode 19: Orleatha Smith-Weight Loss Surgery & Addiction

This week we welcome wife and home schooling mother to two elementary school children, Orleatha Smith. She is a C.H.E.K trained Holistic Lifestyle Coach and holds a degree in secondary science education, a biology teaching credential, Master’s degree in Education. She’s been featured in popular magazines such as First For Women and in The Paleo Miracle: 50 Real Stories of Health Transformation as well as a variety of health and wellness related blogs.

Orleatha had bypass surgery and now councils others to change their lives after they’ve had weight loss surgery. We talk about the relationship between weight loss surgery and increased rates of addiction and alcoholism and how to prevent it.

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Are You a Sugar Addict?

I was.

I’ve been sugar’s slave.

Sugar addiction is the only way to attempt to describe my illogical, compulsive, insane, co-dependency with sugar and sweet foods.

I have always had a gaping, inborn weakness for high-carb foods, particularly sugar, sweets, and dessert. These foods used to draw me like a supermagnet. Just a little bite of sugar/sweet food sparked a glorious transformation: it perked my mood, told me the sweet bliss never, ever had to end. Except that it always did end (and too soon).

Which is when Sugar Bot — the frighteningly deformed, insane sugar addiction inside me — always stepped up.

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Thoughts on Food, Addiction and Abstinence

Abstinence from food…this has the potential to be a very controversial blog post. I might step on some toes or say something you vehemently disagree with. No worries, I want to open up the discussion. My strong opinions stem from the fact food played such a vital part of my journey to good health. Continue reading Thoughts on Food, Addiction and Abstinence