Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!

When we first get sober, exercise is usually the furthest thing from our mind. We just want to avoid picking up that next drink or drug. As addicts and alcoholics, we tend to overcomplicate things or see things as only black and white. Yes, really! After some time sober, we start to think, “Ugh…I need to start exercising!” In our heads, we procrastinate thinking we need a lot of money for a gym membership or equipment to get started. We picture a big box gym like 24-hour Fitness with rows and rows of cardio machines, big burly men pumping iron and machines that we can’t imagine how to use. We think we need to huff and puff, sweating profusely to make any different in our health or fitness level. We just don’t know where to start! So instead, we do nothing. And the exercise thing gets bigger and bigger in our head… Continue reading Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!