Podcast Episode 17: Mindfulness

We like to call this episode “The Feelings Show.” We discuss learning to feel everything from joy to pain without self-medicating. We also talk about the role of mindfulness in living sober.

Show Topics:

Coping Skills

Brené Brown

Momastery – Pain Is Not A Mistake

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

How To Avoid a Near Life Experience

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Podcast Episode 13: Darryl Edwards The Fitness Explorer

Darryl Edwards (The Fitness Explorer) is the creator of the PRIMAL PLAY training system, and world-renowned as an expert, teacher and lecturer on the Paleo lifestyle.  He’s a certified personal trainer and Paleo nutritionist holding a diverse range of certifications. Darryl combines his many influences from martial arts, parkour and dance to teach groups, conduct one-to-one training and virtual training sessions that focus on strength/conditioning, bodyweight exercises, Paleo nutrition and Play.  He lives in London, England.
On this week’s show, we talk about how giving up the things that don’t serve us in health really isn’t about giving anything up at all. It’s actually about gaining so much more. Darryl gives us lots of tips of how we can work play into our lives to create a more childlike, stress-free existence.

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Podcast Episode 12: Q & A

Susan and Kendall answer your questions in this week’s episode of Evolved Recovery.

We welcome your questions and topics by email at info@evolvedrecovery.com. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, download the MP3, or use the player featured below.

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Podcast Episode 11: James Gregory, Ideas For Happiness

This week we’re talking with James Gregory, known in the Ancestral Health world for his recipe sharing site Fastpaleo.com. James works as a Japanese interpreter and is an entrepreneur. After living a fast-paced, drug and alcohol addicted life for a time in Japan, he moved back to the states and got sober. In this episode James tells his story of recovery and discusses his path of sobriety. Read more about his “Ideas For Happiness” Jamesagregory.org.

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Podcast Episode 9: Dr. Paul Ralston, Chiropractor and Ancestral Health Researcher

This week we interview Dr. Paul Ralston who has been a chiropractor for over ten years and enjoys researching ancestral health. He has vast experience dealing with patients in recovery suffering from chronic pain. We talk about the chronic pain we’ve experienced ourselves and what our action has been to recover from it. Kendall discusses her current back surgery struggles and Susan talks about her year of chronic back pain. We also discuss the importance of a health and an anti-inflammatory diet to dealing with pain. We also talk about the best exercise for you.

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Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!

When we first get sober, exercise is usually the furthest thing from our mind. We just want to avoid picking up that next drink or drug. As addicts and alcoholics, we tend to overcomplicate things or see things as only black and white. Yes, really! After some time sober, we start to think, “Ugh…I need to start exercising!” In our heads, we procrastinate thinking we need a lot of money for a gym membership or equipment to get started. We picture a big box gym like 24-hour Fitness with rows and rows of cardio machines, big burly men pumping iron and machines that we can’t imagine how to use. We think we need to huff and puff, sweating profusely to make any different in our health or fitness level. We just don’t know where to start! So instead, we do nothing. And the exercise thing gets bigger and bigger in our head… Continue reading Add Walking to Your Sobriety Toolbox!

Podcast Episode 7: Fitness Basics

Healthy movement is one of the keys to healthy living. This week we break down simple steps to get you started. Be sure to check out our easy video tutorial Easy Bodyweight Exercises.

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